Corporate Information

Jazz Car Washes is a car wash chain that is based on Estonian capital and offers various vehicle cleaning services.
The trademark Jazz Car Washes was adopted in 2003 for the company offering car washing services with an innovative and modern concept at Merimetsa Jazz Hand Car Wash in Tallinn.
The objective of Jazz Car Washes is to help all car owners find suitable solutions for cleaning their cars and keeping them that way for an affordable charge and through pleasant service.
Today, there are 2 Jazz Hand Car Washes, 21 Jazz Automated Car Washes and 13 stand-alone Self Serve Car Wash operating under the name Jazz Car Wash. It is possible to use the tunnel or automated car wash service in all 2 Jazz Hand Car Washes.
Thanks to the number of car washes and their great performance, we are able to service more than 12 000 cars a day.