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Car interior care with ozone

The older the car, the less freshness there is in the interior. Most of us wish for our vehicle to keep that "new car" smell forever. Soon enough we discover that the new car smell disappears and less pleasant odors take its place. People tend to think that the main reasons are cigarette smoke and pets, but there are other, less visible culprits. Things happen in cars ... We think it's nothing and don't pay much attention to it, be it the accidentally spilled drink of our sweet little kid, milk dripping on the floor on the way home from the grocery store or wet snow that has been carried into the car during the winter period. Only when we step into the car one morning, we discover that something seems to be smelling bad. How can we get rid of the bad smell?

Usually, most decide to do the following when they discover a bad smell in the car:

  • I'll buy a new and more efficient air freshener for the car;
  • I'll throw out the stuff I don't need;
  • I'll get the vacuum cleaner and get rid of all the sand in the car;
  • I'll clean the car glass and wipe the dust;
  • I'll remove the shoe marks on the door edge.

All this will result in a cleaner looking car, but the smell in the interior will stay.
If the smell persists even after a thorough cleaning, then it's probably because the bacteria have found their way into the carpeting, seats and padding of the interior. The bacteria have made their home. The damp carpeting under the foot mat and street dirt carried into the car are a good hotbed for bacteria. An unnoticeable web of fungi will start growing there quietly

The best way to fight bacteria, mold, fungi and bad smell in the car is having the car interior cleaned with the help of ozone.

Ozoning uses modern technology and is the safest and environmentally friendliest disinfection process that doesn't leave an unpleasant smell in the air and does not damage the surfaces it touches. Ozone oxidizes health-damaging microorganisms on the atomic level, making them harmless and keeping them from spreading.

Ozoning process simplified

A ventilator pulls the air from the car interior into the ozonator, where it is first directed to the ultraviolet lamp. The air is disinfected and ionized. During the process, the interior of the car, with its closed doors, will have an environment that's enriched with negative air ions and ozone.

The positive ions that have allowed the contaminants (microbes, bacteria, viruses, mold fungi etc.) to fly around in the car interior freely, will be caught by the negatively charged air ions and will be neutralized or broken down. The "bad" air particles that have been caught from the car interior will then be directed to the ventilator again, where the positively charged catalyst plate awaits them. More than 12 000 V will destroy electrochemically even the sturdiest bacteria.

Unlike solid or liquid disinfectants, ozone and negatively charged air ions can reach everywhere, penetrating even the smallest voids and interiors of materials.
Ozone destroys viruses, bacteria and mold spores found in the car interior fast, doesn't matter if they're air-borne or stuck to the carpeting, seats, ceiling padding or other details.
The smell of ozone is described as the smell of freshly ironed bed-linen or a fresh forest smell. They say that after a thunder storm, the air feels purified, and that is precisely because a lot of ozone is released into the air.
For that reason, the smell of ozone is felt even several days after the car interior has been ozonized.
The ozone treatment reduces the smell of cigarettes, pets, milk, beer and other unpleasant smells in the car. Jazz Car Wash recommends using the ozone treatment after the car interior has been cleaned.

What is so special about the Jazz car interior ozone treatment service?

In many cases, the ozone treatment of the car interior is carried our using devices that are not designed explicitly for that purpose or are too weak. This means that not enough ozone is created during the working process and there is not enough time for the service to be carried out to destroy all the health damaging bacteria and fungi completely.

Jazz Car Wash uses only modern devices that are designed for this purpose for the service, which always guarantee the best results.
The car interior ozone treatment takes 30 minutes per vehicle. The minimum cost of the service is 25 €. With Jazz loyalty card, the charge is -25%..

Come and make the time you spend in the car healthier!
NB! At the moment, we offer this service only at Merimetsa Jazz Car Wash.

In extreme cases, the ozoning process of the car interior has to be prolonged and repeated after a couple of weeks to achieve the end result.